Countrywide Equine Catalogue Digital

Equestrian Range Catalogue

Countrywide, the UK’s largest equestrian specialist, engaged Bravedog to design and produce their first ever Equestrian Range Catalogue back in September 2013. We’ve just launched the third edition for Autumn/Winter 2014!

Representing a significant part of Countrywide’s brand evolution, the A4 equestrian range catalogues have to be perfectly positioned and executed in a way that maximises reach, readership and multi-channel sales conversion.

We enjoy an extremely close partnership with Countrywide and, as a result have a comprehensive understanding of their brand, and wider objectives. This enables us to deliver an end-to-end solution. Beyond the concept & design stage we worked closely with Countrywide’s brand and buying teams to bring it all together, get the look and commercial balance absolutely right, nail down product pages, fine tune editorial and ensure we delivered what customers would enjoy and respond to.

We printed all three catalogues as well as developing fully interactive digital versions with on-page-shopping directly linked to Countrywide’s eCommerce website, in-store terminals and social media channels.

Bravedog didn’t stop there, supporting catalogue launches with tactical Point-of-Sale, multi-channel marcomms and PR support material.

From consultation to design, print production and deployment every stage of this project was done in-house @thecolourhub.

Enticing design & layout

With each edition featuring over 1900 individual products, over 10 categories, the challenge for Bravedog’s creative design team was to honour brand, ensure pages didn’t become oversaturated with content and deliver a quality experience for readers. Considerate layout maintains a healthy balance of imagery and product detail throughout. Use of hero imagery, application of graphics and promotional prompts preserve reader engagement and enticement from cover to cover.

Interactive digital version

Cross media deployment of publications is becoming an essential component of any aspirational brand strategy. This is particularly crucial with retailer publications. Developing digital versions for Countrywide is significant in maximising sales opportunity. We took this several stages further, delivering fully-integrated on-page-shopping directly linked to Countrywide’s eCommerce website, in-store terminals and social media channels.

Leveraging online readership, cultivating advocacy and sales conversion is only part of the digital story. We’re able to harvest invaluable user behavior data which can then be analysed and used to optimise content, layout and enhance user experience in future issues.

In-house print production

Bravedog has a massive advantage over other creative agencies. Part of the Colour Hub, we have a world-class big brother in ESP Colour, meaning we can seamlessly deliver industry leading litho and digital printing, allied to our own services without agency mark-up. This powerful service collaboration is key in delivering everything Countrywide need and more from one source. The obvious advantages of this approach are best demonstrated by Countrywide’s on-going commitment to working with us.


Exceptional ideas, approach and service from start to delivery. Seamless in-house delivery of printed and digital versions. On-going, progressive support. Rewarding experience for client and agency. Measurable results. Future Opportunity.