Crown Golf

Freedom Play Membership

For regular golfers five-day and seven-day membership provides limitless golf with a host of benefits. Crown also offers ‘Just Play’, for those who take a more casual approach to their golf and don’t want or need all the privileges associated with full membership.

For a number of reasons the golf market is changing. Many golf clubs are seeing high churn rates and securing new members is increasingly challenging. New and established golfers are seeking more flexibility in terms of when and how they play golf. They want all the benefits of full membership but don’t necessarily want the time and cost commitment of regular membership.

To meet these needs Crown sought to devise a new kind of membership that would provide golfers with the flexibility of being able to play when they wanted, but at very affordable rates and without losing valued membership benefits.

Bravedog worked alongside Crown from the start, helping them to create and deliver a new membership programme. This involved brand name, identity creation, trademarking, strategy and implementation right through to the development of marketing materials and websites for all Crown Golf Courses.

Several months’ research, consultation and development culminated in the origination of FreedomPlay™. A new concept in golf this innovative membership means golfers can join for a moderate fee and then buy credits to use when they play. A timetable determines how many credits are needed for each round, depending on when a golfer plays. Golfers can top up their credits as they need, and the more they play the cheaper it gets.

FreedomPlay™ includes all the advantages of full golf membership, with the flexibility of pay-as-you-play and means a golfer is only buying what he or she needs to suit their lifestyle and golf.

FreedomPlay™ is already proving to be very popular, attracting a significant number of new members despite the UK’s downward trend in golf membership take-up.

Colour palette

Lilac and Black were chosen as principal colours for the FreedomPay™ brand. These colours separated the identity from Crown Golf’s other membership types and appealed to both male and female golfers. Beyond the primary brand colours a selection of secondary colours were used to identify different credit values and compliment the overall scheme.


Calibri was selected as the brand headline font and is perfectly complimented by body font Myriad Pro that affords greater definition in smaller sizes. They reflect the form, tone and personality we wanted to create for FreedomPlay™. Both fonts have a good range of weights and work consistently across print and web without compromise.


It was important to create clearly defined marks for each different credit value, ranging from low value to high. Colours provide distinction. Each value is personalised with an icon representing popular terms used in golf.

The Rubiks

The iconic Rubik’s cube with thousands of arrangements and permutations, provides challenge, entertains and results in positive outcome for those who master it. It represents many of the facets of FreedomPlay™ and so provides the ideal image to accompany marketing messaging. A crucial part in this process, Bravedog negotiated authority and licence to use and modify the Rubik’s image from its global licensors.

The Website


A dynamically branded membership offering that’s available at over 25 top UK Golf Courses and already attracting significant take up from new and upgrading members.

The technology

Bootstrap 3 ICON

Built on using Bootstrap - a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.


With beautiful semantic mark-up written in the latest standard for HTML and CSS - HTML5 and CSS3.

jQuery ICON

We used jQuery to provide a cross browser solution, from a well known trusted JavaScript library.