Korda Developments

Thinking Tackle Digital interactive magazine

Bravedog worked with Korda to deliver Thinking Tackle Digital (TTD) Magazine over 70 thousand brand devotees.

Korda Developments is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Carp fishing tackle. Now the most familiar and well-respected name among anglers, Korda’s dynamic growth is a direct result of an extremely progressive and well-executed brand strategy. With a communications programme spanning virtually every marketing channel in the UK and overseas, Korda have challenged boundaries and in doing so re-written the industry book.

Bravedog first approached Korda towards the end of April 2012, proposing the creation of a new and dynamic addition to their marketing armoury that would add cohesion and increase brand value to their information hungry audience… an Interactive Digital Magazine.

We embarked on a consultation process, discussing approach, content, and delivery. We already had a very good grasp of the brand and could quickly establish a process that would eventually see ‘Thinking Tackle Digital’ come to life.

Korda already had a groundbreaking carp angling TV series ‘Thinking Tackle’ so it made absolute sense for the interactive magazine to deliver content under the same name and extend the brand even further.

We knew we could offer Korda more than the very standard flat flipbook that their competition was already using. Instead, and in keeping with Korda‘s mindset, ‘TTD’ had to be special, take the content and user experience to another level, deliver better than anything else… be widely accessible, even beside the most remote lake or river where wi-fi will never prevail.

On August 2nd, 2012 we launched Issue 1 of Thinking Tackle Digital – available online and native iPad App. Beautifully designed editorial pages, animated ‘how to’ guides, hi-definition videos and social sharing all culminated in a completely unique and rewarding interactive magazine experience for Korda‘s audience.

Fully interactive

For Korda, simply delivering an animated PDF was never going to be enough. The brief was very clear, and we knew what we’d need to do. We could ignore several approaches, platforms and channels and instead focus on content delivery.

Throughout each issue, the user experience is heightened with animated features that maintain engagement and present content on different levels… scrolling gallery ‘how to’ sequences, pull out text tabs to reveal in-depth articles, tap & view tutorials, full-screen hi-definition videos, pinch & zoom functionality throughout.


The challenge of digital media is maximising access whilst keeping perspective. There are now over 1,550 different tablet devices world-wide, and around 100 permutations of screen size, format & resolution. Gone are the days when developers only had to ensure cross-browser performance.

Key to TTD was delivering an online version that would then translate into tablet and mobile whilst retaining a consistent user experience and behaviour, irrespective of device format. That’s what we did.

The conclusion

It’s only 1 year on and we are working hard delivering issue 5 which will be available in English, French & Italian language editions. It can be downloaded on iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch via the iTunes Store and on Android Tablets via Google Play and on the Kindle Fire via Amazon Marketplace.

Thinking Tackle Digital now boasts a readership in excess of 70,000 per issue.

The technology


With beautiful semantic mark-up written in the latest standard for HTML and CSS - HTML5 and CSS3.

jQuery ICON

We used jQuery to provide a cross browser solution, from a well known trusted JavaScript library.

Rackspace ICON

We used a content delivery network to serve video to the end-user the result: high availability and high performance.

Foundation 5 ICON

Built on a Foundation 5 - a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.