Portobello Green Fitness Club

A new website with a purpose to raise awareness, drive traffic and increase membership registration.

PGFC, part of the Westway Trust, is more than just a gym with a broad range of products and services for the local community to participate in. The brand essence and personality of the club is focused around; value for money, personalised service, a fun and personable atmosphere and inclusive service offering.

The aims, goals & targets of the new web site

  • Increase membership take-up by 10%
  • Drive increased take up of free gym passes by 25%
  • Communicate the brand values of PGFC
  • Showcase all the facilities and services available
  • Improve the user interface and user interaction
  • Refresh the visual design with an aim to promote meaningful content
  • Reduce user journey and clicks to reach relevant information
  • Increase click through rate of key calls to action
  • Make it easier for people to find the gym
  • Insure site is cross browser compatible
  • Improve rate of data capture

Defining the colour palette

The new Portobello Green Fitness Club website

The Content Management System

For PGFC we used WordPress as the foundation. We developed a site that gave PGFC options not available out-of-the-box. The CMS fits around the needs of PGFC, rather than PGFC being limited by it’s software! With the technical knowhow WordPress is open to a wide array of possibilities. WordPress is a CMS built on an Open Source foundation. It is supported by a global community of committed developers and technical support specialists, what this means is that it’s a solid and secure CMS forever being improved and extended.

Post project analysis and future development

A website is never complete… trends change, attitudes change, the way in which we use the web changes. Websites need to adapt and evolve to keep up and continue showing positive results.

For smarter customer experience we translate website analytics, find out what the site is doing well and more importantly what it’s not doing so well. This data enables us to be proactive in our efforts to achieve long-term client targets.

Compared to the previous year, the number of people viewing the site on mobile and tablet devices has increased by 73%. Judging by this speed of change it wont be long until mobile catches up with desktop. It is evident that a responsive version of the site will benefit PGFC customers.

The goal with any of our sites is to deliver the right content to the right people in the right way. It is proven that users browse the web differently on different size devices. Which is why it’s becoming a necessity to offer an optimised version for mobile – not just a shrunken version of the main site. A ‘good’ responsive site adjusts gracefully to a users device. Mobile versions should be far more forgiving for those rogue finger taps we’re all guilty of. Mobile users tend to spend less time on the site and visit less pages, however, a high percentage of mobile users visit the contact page. From this data we can see that users on mobile want to get to core contact information quickly.

We have taken steps to develop the responsive version of PGFC, our developers are working to deliver a solution that provides the service mobile users want. Watch this space.

Did we achieve our goals?

The analytics data speaks for itself. But to substantiate our efforts here’s a few word from Debbie Chowdhury, Marketing Coordinator at Westway Trust:

We now have a website we are proud of! It is a good showcase for what we have on offer at Portobello Green Fitness Club.
The site works well at encouraging people to take action. We have had a sudden influx of customers wanting to know more about the club. Many of whom have visited the club wanting to try out the facilities for themselves.
 The new website has given us new credibility enabling us to generate more leads and more sales for the gym. Code helped us reorganise, reduce and simplify the content, they introduced intuitive navigation that vastly improved the customer journey.

The technology

Bootstrap 3 ICON

Built on using Bootstrap - a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.


With beautiful semantic mark-up written in the latest standard for HTML and CSS - HTML5 and CSS3.

jQuery ICON

We used jQuery to provide a cross browser solution, from a well known trusted JavaScript library.

Wordpress ICON

Powered by the worlds most popular open source CMS; Wordpress. Based on PHP and MySQL and used by more than 22.0% of the top 10 million websites.