Countrywide Pet Strategy

Re-positioning and extending the Countrywide pet range

Countrywide Stores wanted to re-position and extend their pet range to provide more specialist dog, cat and small animal products with renewed emphasis on natural nutrition.

Bravedog worked closely with Countrywide to re-define their pet brand strategy from start to finish; creating and implementing a suite of new look in-store POS and brand communications that articulate their focus on leading, quality products backed up with in-store expertise and advice on pet nutrition.

The extensive multi-channel solution incorporates creative, production and print for Point-of-Sale across the entire Countrywide estate of 50 stores. The creation of packaging and support material for Countrywide own-brand dog and cat food ranges. Publication of ‘Pet-Talk’ a bi-Monthly customer publication (printed and digital), as well as tactical Direct Mail and email campaigns, in-store Pet Events and engaging social media.